I'm currently on Hiatus, thru Sept 27, 2019, and am not booking any engagements. Please hold off on contacting me for any projects until I've announced my return.


NSFW. Not at work? Check out PEP! People Exchanging  Power is a for-profit company that offers conversation specializing in kink, fetish, and BDSM. I've worked for PEP since 2002, and at the end of 2015, I became PEP's Owner/CEO. At PEP, we offer fantasy dialogue, support, education, and solace. We welcome all topics, and we welcome all people to share their longings, ideas, fears, desires, memories, and more.


New Mexico FetLifers 
In 2009, I held a little social for kinksters in my town. 109 people came. I dove in, organized monthly events, formed a governing Board, registered with the state as a non-profit, and set to achieving our goals. In six years, NMFL developed conferences that showcased Leather icons such as Guy Baldwin and Mama Vi Johnson; education opportunities that featured local, regional, and national presenters; and social events that allowed our local and regional communities to grow interdependently. We supported the development of new organizations throughout the region, and we created firm bonds with the larger sexual outlaw community. NMFL closed in 2014 as we had achieved our goals; and those of us on the Board were eager to start new projects, such as many of those you see above.


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