The Miles Class Offerings

The More You Give, the More You Get: Polyamory 101


Learn about the dynamics of polyamory from someone who lives and celebrates a life of many loves. Examine the joys and pitfalls of loving more than one person; common misconceptions about polyamory; and the potential dynamics of living polyamory. This workshop will discuss polyamory as an orientation and moreover give attendees tools for creating positive polyamorist relationships. This class can be taught by Sera and/or Frida, solo or together.

We All Love a Redemption Story. Do We?

Mistakes are made, people get hurt, people go on sabbatical to heal, and/or people are asked to leave the community. What happens when people come back? In this workshop we will discuss the role that we play in the hospitable or hostile re-introduction of those who have been asked or have chosen to leave the community. We will analyze the differences between attempting to solve a problem and perpetuating the situation, as well as the differences between policing and supporting the community. Finally we will address the reason(s) behind our involvement. Feel free to bring questions but keep in mind that this workshop is not intended to be accusatory nor therapeutic.