About Sera Miles

tl;dr? Leather, kinky, ace spectrum, D-type. Educator, activist, sex worker. Life’s work: to help suffering people who feel their identity and/or sexual desires are shameful; to encourage and support my fellow rabble rousers; to disquiet, shame, and overthrow oppression; to center body autonomy in the struggle for self-determination and a safe-for-all society

Print copy? Sera Miles is CEO of People Exchanging Power. She’s presented at DomConLA, KinkLincs in Seattle, Beat Me in St Louis, and Behind Closed Doors, as well as at many groups and universities across the Southwest. In 2016, the Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners of New Mexico invited Sera to speak about BDSM at their annual conference. Currently, Sera is the BDSM advisor to New Mexico's Strangulation Task Force. She co-founded the New Mexico's Sex Workers Outreach Project (SWOP-NM) chapter and edited Nancy Ava Miller’s award-winning Pervert: Notes from the Sexual Underground. She's performed in numerous fetish videos, some ancient enough to require a VCR, and she stars in "Bonetown" and "Bonecraft," the world's first pornographic computer games. For six vibrant years, Sera led New Mexico FetLifers, during which time the organization produced "Evolution of the Revolution." Sera identifies as a demisexual leather D-type, in addition to the identities of owner, activist, editor, type-A personality, sex worker, and Leo Dragon.